Power Sport

The Powersport industry in Western Canada has some very unique challenges compared to many areas of North America. In fact some of the challenges coming at it now, have been created by a stronger economy. This sector can almost be separated into two sub sectors, corporate usage and consumer enthusiasts. The oil and gas industry sector has really embraced quads and side by sides as a vital transportation mode for servicing wells and pump houses. At the same time, consumers have the resources to purchase and enjoy the outdoors with dirtbikes, quads, and side by sides, snowmobiles and watercraft.
Never in history have so many people been able to reach into the environment with high powered and sophisticated vehicles. This usage is colliding with wildlife, safety concerns especially with youth operators, environmental and wildlife issues. Land erosion and water contamination are becoming an issue that needs to be dealt with in a way that works for industry and addresses fits in with these concerns too.
Currently the Powersport industry is not represented as a whole. There are some powerful lobbies starting now especially in the area of children and youth safety. Industry needs to be involved. Manufactures can build some very sophisticated vehicles, which in uninformed operators hands can have catastrophic results. Industry needs to have its voice and perspective heard.
Currently the Pediatrics Association is recommending common and strict provincial regulations. Please support your industry and make sure industry is heard at the stakeholder table.

Canadian Paediatric Society Policy