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Subject: Group Benefits Announcement
(Posted on May 6, 2014 at 01:12PM by Dale Finch)
Dear Automotive Industry,
I am pleased to announce Brenda Shepherd as our Group Benefits consultant and representative for the Western Canada Automotive Business Association. We are proud of our Group Plan offerings and flexible plans. Small business today, must count its pennies. 
Whether your company is new to group plans or a long time enrolee, we provide good sound plans that provide the value to retain and attract quality employees. All at very competitive rates. We all realize the benefit of a second opinion. If you have a current plan, why not make sure you know where your plan is at in the marketplace. With just a small amount of basic information on an employee data sheet and a 10 minute call to Brenda, she can customize the request to suit your needs and we can quickly provide you a quote.
Brenda has many years of experience and is licensed both in BC and Alberta. She can also help you with your financial planning and business insurance needs.
For more information, please contact her via email at or on her cell (604) 767-6520.
Thank you
Dale Finch
Western Canada Automotive Business Association
President & CEO
C: 604.341.4933
F: 604.424.4119