The WCABA is very supportive and proud of the CASIS agreement. Some key industry people working with both automotive manufacturing and sales associations along with Minister Tony Clement, the staff at Industry Canada and the competition bureau worked diligently to write an agreement that worked for all stakeholders.

Previous Industry Canada Minister Tony Clement & Dale Finch announce CASIS

It cannot be understated enough that the CASIS agreement allows for any mechanical, collision or glass repair shop in Canada to have the opportunity to repair any vehicle. There is no barrier to service information; factory OE special tools or the factory software downloads.
The CASIS agreement in Canada is complete. It is up to industry to become aware, to take advantage of and seize this opportunity.
This was the first agreement worldwide that all auto manufacture in Canada agreed to. It is most important that industry is informed, is knowledgeable and completely aware of the opportunity of the CASIS agreement. Please make sure you visit the NATA Canada website often to be kept up to date on CASIS information.
In the second phase of NATA’s work they have announced the secure data release module for trusted security professionals and automotive repairs.