The WCABA was founded by towing industry members from BC and Alberta. It is our belief that a united and cohesive BC towing industry should be and is our long-term goal. For a very long time, industry has been suppressed by ICBC, various municipal and provincial agencies in its efforts to improve its equipment and retain staff, compared to other jurisdictions.
We don’t need to tell you, the towing industry is a cornerstone industry that operates on a 24/7 and 365 days a year working with our partners, the police agencies across our province. It is important that the province needs to clearly understand that as well. We have requested the BC government engage with regards to the Federal Competition Bureau opinion that was requested by ICBC.  
Our focus is about our industry and making the changes and improvements that industry sets as its goals. It does not want to be treated as a sideline that has some factions of the collision industry and ICBC giving away our storage and pushing for a “one tow system”. It is our opinion this may cut out portions of their own industry as well.
There is no question this uncertainty has caused distrust with some members of the towing industry that have been working with ICBC in a secret fashion. We want to remind everyone the successful bidder to the Rental Industry “Request for Proposal” (RFP) tendered by ICBC 4 years ago was given to Hertz Rent a Car who barely had a presence in the province of BC. Any company that believes they have the inside track with ICBC may find themselves out bid by a company that’s not even in this jurisdiction. This is exactly what happened with the Auto Rental business.
As this website is launched, there have been many changes at ICBC and many senior managers at the corporation are no longer employed there. It is so important the towing industry has its voice heard as the corporation formulates it’s plans to go forward. Government has listened, and now is the time to make sure those changes are long term and have a balanced perspective for the towing industry.
The board of Directors of the WCABA is asking for your support in joining our BC towing membership. We feel it is important that a “new perspective and strategy” has merit. By joining you are financially supporting a towing perspective and lobbying effort.

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