The Automotive Small Business sector is a vital part of the Western Canadian economy. 1 in 7 people work in the automotive sector in Canada. This sector is very diverse and is represented in nearly every community from small towns to large cities in all provinces. This sector works with some form of motor vehicle regulations in every province, and it can be very hard for small business to stay current with laws and regulations. Then on top of it all…..especially in the mechanical, collision and glass sector, industry must stay on top of repair information. Then everyone in the sector must train its staff and technicians and push the knowledge throughout their small organization.
The Western Canada Automotive Business Association (WCABA), “Where Small Business Matters” is there to be the voice of the automotive sector in Western Canada. The resource-based economy in Western Canada is very strong right now. Our automotive sector is under pressure to maintain and in fact attract new workers while trying to compete against incomes in the resource based sector.
Have you ever said, “Somebody should do something?”. Currently in Western Canada there are associations in some sectors, overall though no one to date has been looking after the overall interest of industry. By joining the WCABA you will be supporting provincial and federal government lobbying efforts as well as a host of other stakeholder interests, which in today’s market place is vitally important. The TILMA agreement is an example where provincial governments in the West are working together on Western initiatives for workers (http://www.tilma.ca/the_agreement.asp) . The Western provinces are also working together on gateway transportation for goods and services from Asian markets. We also need to make sure that industry has a stakeholder voice with the Insurance industry in Canada.
What is very clear, is many suppliers or dominate parties are trying to tell industry what to charge, when to charge it, trying to drive a lower skilled worker for their own means, which is not helping industry at all. We need to attract skilled workers that take years to develop.
Join with your peers in having a clear Automotive voice in Western Canada…”Where Small Business Matters !!”