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Dear Alberta Collision Repairers,
Leaders of the Alberta Collision Industry have concluded that industry needs to have proper representation with an association again. In April and May, over 50 shops attended information and membership drive meetings held both in Calgary and Edmonton by the Western Canada Automotive Business Association (WCABA) and President & CEO, Dale Finch.
At the information meetings there was overwhelming support to join the WCABA and to communicate and grow the Alberta collision division. The membership drive committee is asking for your support in joining the WCABA in our advocacy and lobbying support for our collision industry. Our industry must have a collective voice with insurance companies, stakeholders and both the Alberta and Federal Governments.
Once again insurance companies are pressuring for change to the relationships and interaction with the collision industry. These changes are intended to primarily benefit insurance companies. Examples of these changes include, erasing long-term contracts, paint procurement, direct parts programs and bringing PDR companies from the US.
The collision industry in Alberta is generally a very independent and hardy group and we truly understand that. We cannot emphasize how important our efforts and success in financially supporting our association will be in the months and years to come. The insurance industry has a strong voice, which vigorously lobbies the government at various levels in order to be able to exercise this influence. The Collision industry also requires a place and a voice at that table in order to begin swinging the pendulum back towards middle ground. This will allow true partnerships to form in a manner that is healthy for all parties. Again we ask you to join with your peers in a collective voice. Our industry needs to be able to influence its own directions and fate.
In addition WCABA is working towards filling the currently empty board seat at AMVIC. We must not allow this seat to be empty and risk losing our collision voice on this most important regulatory board. 
Please find the attached membership form. Again our committee is looking for your support by joining today and asking one or more of your peer shops to join the association with your business.

Correspondence to Members:

AB Collision 12_08_08