Specialty and Hotrod

The Specialty Automotive and HotRod industry really has no voice in Canada. The Hot Rodding enthusiast takes on it’s own causes in a haphazard way. It is imperative that industry has a voice, as it is a huge contributor to the economy.
Due to the wide varying skills of the general public which can be from amateurish at best to building very sophisticated Hotrods and specialty vehicles. It is easy to see how situations may arise where legislators make rules that may harm industry.
The goal of this division is first to make sure that governments know and understand how much industry does contribute to the economy and to if there is a problem they need to involve industry as a stakeholder.
Issues affecting the industry are scrap-it programs, fair-weather laws for fenderless vehicles, motor vehicle acts, insurance laws and regulations. Industry, which produces in many cases a highly engineered product, can be thrown in with home built vehicles. An example the high performance diesel and 4X4 sector has many engineered lift kits and suspension packages that are engineered equal to or better than the original equipment. This is in contrast to mis-informed individuals who may install a lift kit with hockey pucks as spacers or heat springs to lower vehicles.
If an accident takes place with one of these vehicles we need to make sure industry can provide input that doesn’t wipe out business opportunities.