There are about 12,000 mechanical repair shops in Western Canada. These aftermarket shops run from the two-man garage to multi bay all make repair shops and are literally in every community large and small. These shops are vitally important as consumers especially in rural areas. Consumers do not want to have to tow their vehicle to shops in larger communities to have their vehicles repaired.
The Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS) provides the opportunity and access to service information, special tools and software for aftermarket repair shops to repair vehicles. This information is the same information the Canadian auto manufacturers, provides to their dealers. Making sure industry is informed and taking advantage of all opportunities to remain in business is a key goal of the WCABA.
In addition to CASIS the new Secure Data Release Module (SDRM) gives mechanical repair shops that qualify the access to security information and software to repair and reinitialize vehicle security systems. This would include repairs where the customer has simply lost their keys to more complex repairs after collision and repairs that may have been done by a shop in their area.
These mechanical repair shops have a close relationship with the community. Consumer expectations are high with aftermarket shops. It is very important therefore shops have access to training and owners are aware of the issues before them.
The CASIS agreement signed on September 2009. This was the start date of an opportunity for repair shops in Canada to be the best they choose to be and not be restricted by lack of information.